“his forces launched an artillery barrage on the city”

Obviously not a photo which I have taken,

however, one which has been in my possession

for a long time, because…

…it depicts my Grandfather in his role,

during World War I,

near Ypres.

Records show he was active along

the entire Western Front and therefore

the catalyst behind my visit to Arras in 2017.


Word of the Day Challenge: Barrage

8 thoughts on “Word-of-Day-Challenge-Barrage

    • Very pleased, Sue. When in France in 2017, I was taken to Lochnagar Crater. As he name implies…a hole in the ground…caused by 25,000 tons of explosives being detonate under the German lines. There is a boardwalk, for lack of better term, all the way around this 100 metre diameter hole consisting of 4 inch planks and at the end of each plank is a small plaque commemorating those who have served and whose relatives have paid about $AUD 45.oo to have it placed there by the ‘Friends of lochnagar Crater.’ Grandfather now has his own plaque and a notation the he fired the ‘First Shot’ of WW I. He was part of about a dozen men manning the gun, at Point Nepean, which fired a shot across the bow of The Pfalz as she made a run for open water out of Port Phillip Bay, August 5, 1914..

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