8 thoughts on “WeeklyPrompts-PC-Sky

      • You’re in Australia? We have snow at the moment but nothing too drastic. It’s cold here in England but so far not as bad as last year. Earlier in the week, up here in the north we were -6°C . That was old enough for me. GC in Canada has had some very cold days recently. makes me feel a whimp for moaning about ours!


      • Yes…we are Down Under. 🙂 We grumble if our top temp only reaches low double figures in winter. Down near zero is frigid. About 45 minutes drive inland to Ballarat (Central Victoria) it snow fairly regularly during winter, however, mostly the snow is gone before sunset. If the forecast is ‘…snow down to 700 metres…’ we know we are in for a cold day/night. However, the chances of us getting any snow are remote and if we did it would be a dusting which would nearly melt as it touch the ground. Should ‘GC in Canada’ have read BC?

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      • Generally (though not set in stone) Gerry writes the Wednesday prompt and I take the Saturday challenge. We each have our own personal sites too.


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