a person/dog (in this instance) holding an opinion
at odds with what is generally accepted.

Based on this definition I have decided

that all labradors are heretics.

Not the first time I have posted this image,

or a similar one from this series.

Both Maggie and Taji treat ‘visitors’ in this manner…

then think it is quite okay if they go visiting next door. 

Definitely an opinion at odds with other opinions.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Heretic



No rain and a few forty plus days is wreaking havoc

on some of the younger plants in our garden.

I’m sure our Queen Mum Agapanthus was thankful for

some cooler weather after a couple of hot ones.






“his forces launched an artillery barrage on the city”

Obviously not a photo which I have taken,

however, one which has been in my possession

for a long time, because…

…it depicts my Grandfather in his role,

during World War I,

near Ypres.

Records show he was active along

the entire Western Front and therefore

the catalyst behind my visit to Arras in 2017.


Word of the Day Challenge: Barrage