Views of Melbourne

Melbourne at dawn from our hot air balloon

wedding anniversary celebration

a couple of years ago.

Williamstown Marina with

Melbourne skyline in the background. 

Williamstown is a western suburb of Melbourne

Sailing up the Yarra River into Melbourne

(and a rising sun) last July,

on a Port Phillip Ferry.

Melbourne skyline from St Kilda Pier. 

This shot about opposite the first image.

St Kilda is an eastern suburb of Melbourne.


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14 thoughts on “Lens-Artist-PC-Cityscapes

  1. Beautiful shots, WM! My favorites are the first 2. We were in Melbourne last week and I saw the hot air balloons go up early on Sunday mornings. What a gorgeous sight from the ground and from the air.

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      • It was a perfect gift. We used to live three hours from Melbourne and I would be working (as a woolclasser) during January, so never drove down to see tenni. Now I’m closer…still best part of 90 minutes with car and train travel, one way. So many cameras it is easier to watch on television.

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