Book Review-A-French-Connection

A French Connection

(Broken Vows Trilogy Book 3)


Marty Langenberg

Should you have previously read this review my apologies. 

I cannot find a review for ‘A French Connection’ anywhere on my blog,

however I read it in mid 2018.

I read A French Connection not long after I returned from my second visit to France and although that trip to France did not see Paris and the Palace of Versailles on my itinerary, they were definitely a major part A French Connection (The Broken Vows Trilogy, #3) by Marty Langenberg.

With memories of Paris and Versailles (during my first visit) still deeply etched in mind A French Connection had my attention in the first few pages.

A French Connection sees Pennie and her son (Daniel) moving to Paris together with her friend Chris, because of the latter’s desire to further his career opportunities through study at the ISIPCA (Institut Supérieur International du Parfum), the world-famous school for people looking for a career in Perfume, Cosmetics and Food Flavours.

A French Connection has a strong link to The Baby Farm (Book 2 of the Trilogy) with a bad guy surfacing and up to no good in Paris. While the bad guy may provide a link between two books, his appearance is not the crux of the story.   A French Connection revolves around how these three survived in Paris.

If this happens to be the first time reading a review of mine, please consider reading the Broken Vows trilogy and novella in sequence. A French Connection could be read as a standalone novel, however, there are characters that ‘pop up’ (for lack of a better phrase) briefly, or not so briefly, in A French Connection and all are thoroughly introduced in early books.

When trying to liken Marty’s work to another author, the first name which came to mind was James Patterson. Both authors produce fast paced, interesting and easy reads. I am fairly confident that if you are a James Patterson fan, as am I, you will enjoy the Broken Vows Trilogy.

I hope Marty has another story in the pipeline as I am enjoying the other side of a former work colleague.

Finally, I must declare that I know and worked with Marty

for several years before he retired.

However, I believe this has not clouded my review.


Definitely a


A French Connection: Roses & Jasmine, Ambergris & Musk, The Science of Scent and more (The Broken Vows Trilogy Book 3) by [Langenberg, Marty]

A French Connection

can be purchased on-line at 

Amazon, Barnes & Noble,

Kobo, OverDrive


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