10 thoughts on “Cee’s-FOTD-Challenge-2019-0108

      • Must be hardy plants. Torquay is a coastal tourist town….if you’re into surfing Bell’s Beach Surfing carnival is held there over Easter Weekend. Iowa land locked and you would think, have a different climate.


      • Well…I’ll be….I did not know the Mississippi was in Iowa. Or is it’s source one of the great lakes? No about 20 minutes later I found a spot in North Arm Lake Itasca proclaiming to be the Mississippi Headwaters. A quick look revealed that I may have found its source? 🙂

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      • Have no idea. When in school we are taught about the man in the middle of our country. Minnesota is the hat, Iowa is the head. The nose of Iowa is where I live where Iowa and Illinois are separated by the Mississippi River. Missouri is the shirt, Arkansas is the pants and Louisiana are the boots. Its funny how some things stick with you when you are grown.


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