During the period our house was being built

the builders often had pieces of 4 x 2 inch

pine timber in their rubbish skip.

As soon as my shed was built

I began salvaging any useable timber,

much the MGW’s disgust,

reassuring her that…

it would come in handy one day.’

It took nearly ten years before ‘one day’ arrived.

I used it to create the frame of our dog kennels.


Word of the Day Challenge: Create





From the Pub Wall

It’s been one of those weeks where I have wanted to cringe.

First the Pub Wall had me second guessing

my grammar and spelling skills.

Lo and behold ‘importent‘ is a word.

However, importentier seems be non-existent.


importent. third-person plural present indicative of importer.

third-person plural present subjunctive of importer.

importent – Wiktionary






I was just getting over the Pub Wall sign and

this next passage came via GuruShots

I found around 15 errors with a few places

where a coma or full stop may have been appropriate.


Friday Follies19-01-Ep-4

This challenge hosted by Proscenium




Some images from New Zealand

The first two probably fit….

the photographic sense of vanishing more than the last. 

Readers can judge.  🙂

Finally, I think this is

Mount Ruapehu

vanishing into the clouds in

New Zealand’s

Tongariro National Park.