From flippant to serious.

Cut hay, raked into windrows prior to baling.

A Rosella parrot.



Pink roses in an American

First World War Cemetery

at Bullecourt in France.





During the period our house was being built

the builders often had pieces of 4 x 2 inch

pine timber in their rubbish skip.

As soon as my shed was built

I began salvaging any useable timber,

much the MGW’s disgust,

reassuring her that…

it would come in handy one day.’

It took nearly ten years before ‘one day’ arrived.

I used it to create the frame of our dog kennels.


Word of the Day Challenge: Create





From the Pub Wall

It’s been one of those weeks where I have wanted to cringe.

First the Pub Wall had me second guessing

my grammar and spelling skills.

Lo and behold ‘importent‘ is a word.

However, importentier seems be non-existent.


importent. third-person plural present indicative of importer.

third-person plural present subjunctive of importer.

importent – Wiktionary






I was just getting over the Pub Wall sign and

this next passage came via GuruShots

I found around 15 errors with a few places

where a coma or full stop may have been appropriate.


Friday Follies19-01-Ep-4

This challenge hosted by Proscenium




Some images from New Zealand

The first two probably fit….

the photographic sense of vanishing more than the last. 

Readers can judge.  🙂

Finally, I think this is

Mount Ruapehu

vanishing into the clouds in

New Zealand’s

Tongariro National Park.







accept something reluctantly but without protest.

Sixteen and eight weeks since they became ours,

and even at that tender age there was…

….no way Candi would acquiesce to Taji.

Until the vet told us they would not

kill or hurt each other,

I feared that I would be digging

grave for a very small dog.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Acquiesce



Last week it was decreed that the previous occupier

of this position in our garden must be replaced.Sunday morning saw us at work moving the old pot

and adding a new one along with a Crepe Myrtle which,

I am told, grows to about a metre by one metre.

I didn’t enquire if it met all the requirements

of plants in our garden.

Tough, withstands heat, cold frost  and coastal conditions

are the usual things we look for when purchasing any plants.

In this exposed position on the southern end

of our house it will feel the hot north and cold south winds,

as well as the possibility of frostbite.






Some unexpected moments

from 2018.I rose with the sparrows and drove 45 minutes

to Point Lonsdale for a sunrise shoot last March. 

Expectations were high. 

Results were low. 

And after being blown around by a chilly breeze

I decided to pack my gear away and head home.

I had walked about a quarter of the way

back along the pier

when this rainbow appeared above the lighthouse. 

I had no more than two minutes

to grab a camera and capture some images…

then it was gone as quickly as it appeared. 


Also this time last year I had no idea we would

celebrate our Wedding Anniversary with 

First Class Dining in a private cabin

aboard the Q Train.

June in Canada and we did not expect

to experience falling snow….even on

the Columbia Icefield.


This time last year we did expect a trip

to Auckland for an engagement party. 

However, a wedding date had not been settled upon

and so our September/October trip

back (to New Zealand) for the

wedding of Number 1 Son

to Number 2 Daughter-in-Law

was unexpected but enjoyable.


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