It has intrigued us ever since Maggie commenced…

Eating fresh fruit from our trees.

She passed on the habit to both Taji and Candi.

Why do they like fruit?

And usually they pick their directly from the tree,

preferring to ignore fallen fruit.

Intriguing indeed.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:   Intrigue



A tradition with MGW’s family when I first

came on the scene was Christmas lunch with my in-laws

followed by a gathering of the clan so to speak

at MGW’s Grandparents, who also attended our lunch.

Alas time passes and now three sisters

share Christmas.

This was part of our dining room

living room Christmas 2013.


On a community level Christmas has always seen churches

erect a nativity scene usually inside the church.

This is the first I have seen erected outside a Church.



Wits End Weekly Prompt:  Christmas-Traditions