I have stated previously that…

our Christmas Tree brings back… 

more treasured memories each year…


as we collect more decorations… 


from places visited. 


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Treasure



Another part of the traditional Christmas tree

decoration weekend in early December, is…

putting on display our Nativity scene

which remains all through

the Advent and Christmas seasons

not being dismantled the first weekend

after New Year.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Advent-Continues





Christmas Day when we are Christmas hosts, which…

is every third year and may be about…


to change as families expand.


We had a family Christmas on Sunday evening

because the foreigner in the family is

dragging number 1 son to

New Zealand for a camping Christmas.   🙂 🙂 🙂 

We posted traditions last week. 

I’m told that a family photo is to become

a Christmas tradition.


I hope they all have a Merry Christmas.






Some challenges are hard…this one not so.

Although could have gone for other ‘royals’ I suppose.

However, Buckingham Palace and its…

Royal Mews is good for today.

Loved the horses.

Also had to end on an Aussie note with

our coat of arms on one of the carriages

we presented to the royal family.


Word of the Day Challenge: Royal