Random wind related images.

An airborne kite surfer.

Same surfer plus kite.


A nearby wind farm. 

We moved before what was described as

the largest wind farm (140 towers)

in the Southern Hemisphere was built in Western Victoria. 

We weren’t anti wind farm….just coincidence. 

Now another of 145 towers is planned for the same area.

Where there are crops….wind isn’t really required

this time of year.

Finally, back to water and a windsurfer.


Wits End Weekly Prompt:  The-Wind



Textures from all over…

House brick. 

Eucalyptus tree bark.



A Terrapin in South Africa.


Texture on a statue in

the Hamilton Gardens…


New Zealand.








Two young female pups in the house nearly three years ago

required a couple of visits to the Vet.

As directed we constructed a temporary enclosure

to restrain their youthful vigour, which would

ensure that stitches were not broken etc.

Candi was not as chirpy when her turn came round.

And Maggie was clearly disgusted at being

caught up in the pups’ woes.


December18 WitsEnd-Inspirations: Temporary