Book Review-Saving-Grace


Saving Grace 

(Button Jar  #1)


Fiona McCallum

Set in small town Wattle Creek, Saving Grace tells the story of Emily who marries John, the wealthy farmer’s son, and is supposed to live happily ever after.  It takes Emily three years to discover suitor John and husband John are divides apart.

Fortunately, or unfortunately it does not take her that long to realise the she does not want him to be father of her children.

She leaves John after he fires a shot at her only friend on their farm, her newly acquired Border Collie pup, Grace, who was out doing what Border Collie pups do…looking at some sheep.

Emily’s mother disapproves of her marriage breakdown as much as she approved her daughter ‘catching’ the wealthy farmer’s son.  Fortunately a new friend Barbara lends her the support she needs and helps set up a new home.

Narrator Jennifer Vuletic has to be applauded for her narration and her character voices.   Jennifer made the characters come to life.


I thoroughly enjoyed Saving Grace and could identify with some of the small town issues attributed to Wattle Creek.


Saving Grace is not my first nor will it be my last as Saving Grace is Book one of a Button Jar Trilogy.  If you enjoy Australian fiction, you will enjoy Fiona McCallum’s offerings.

Goodreads readers have rated

Saving Grace

an average of 

3.81 stars

from 630 ratings and 79 reviews 

 I have rated 

Saving Grace


Saving Grace

Saving Grace 

can be purchased on-line at 

Booktopia, Fishpond and Amazon

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