Thirty-one years ago,

although I didn’t realise it at the time,

a tradition began in our household….

It was our first Christmas as a

married couple in our own house,

the first weekend in December

our Christmas tree was erected. 

I don’t remember if I had any

input into this task

as on the farm Christmas was always

extremely busy and

MGW does often completes this task

when she has time.



After stumbling across a Christmas Shop

in September 2016, in Switzerland (I think)

a new tradition was born. 

We now decorate our tree with baubles…


 …usually of a Christmas nature from places

we have visited.

This year our planned trip was to Canada and Alaska.

It’s nice being able to look at these decorations

and relive some of the memories.



Wordless Wednesday18_1212-Stalactites

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Ruakuri Cave,

Waitomo, New Zealand.

Stalactites grow about 1 centimetre every 100 years.

Just imagine how old the joined stalactite and stalagmite,

in the centre of this image, are.


Hope you enjoyed.




Not stars in the sky.

Rather some of the few Glow-worms in Waitomo’s,

Ruakuri Cave in New Zealand.

Ruakuri Cave is the only glow-worm cave

in which photography is permitted. 

Recommend all three caves if you visit Waitomo. 

All three caves are different and magical in their own right….

especially the Waitomo Glowworm Cave. 


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Magical