Two cameras.

 Both about the same age I suspect.

A Box Brownie.

And the interior of my right eye. 

very, very experienced Geelong ophthalmologist 

told me he has never, ever, seen a retina like this,


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Camera

2 thoughts on “FOWChallenge-Camera

    • It’s not good, but in this case it could be worse. There should be no yellow/light colouration in my eye…or anyone’s apparently. The final diagnosis, after months of test, and a lymph gland removed was sarcoidosis, which I have been told is treatable with steroids. Sarcoidosis ‘won’t kill you’ and is treated only if symptomatic. The original diagnosis was an A Typical melanoma which apparently makes the retina look brown in colour. He sees one or two each year. The Melbourne doctor was talking about removing my eye 😬. Back to your query….it’s good because melanoma was ruled out…not good because my eye is not normal. Good because nothing, touch wood, has changed with my vision since the day I was referred to Geelong specialist. Here’s hoping. 😊😊😊

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