Last night of our 2013 African Safari we met

Limpy and her Cubs.After a few swipes and bites of Mum’s tail

she told Nosy and Rosy to go tourist spotting.

Being a venturesome sort of lion

Nosy made his way down the steep hill carefully

keeping eyes wide open… in case the tourists

he had just spotted

made any sudden move.

Carefully Nosy stalks the tourists.

Rosy panics and scampers back to tell on Nosy.

Meanwhile Nosy has his eyes fixed on a hide…some

elephant dung.

Made it.


Doesn’t taste real bad either.

I wonder what those tourists are looking at?

Elephant dung?


Word of the Day Challenge: Venturesome




Our biggest celebrations over recent years

has been our Sons’ weddings.

Number 2 Son married just over two years…

And think the Bridal Waltz took a bit of practice...lots of it. 

 But they looked good.


Number 1 Son was married in Auckland in early October

Though difficult to see, the celebrants are there,

and musicians are rehearsing one last time. 

And the Church was immaculate. 

Everyone was waiting for the bridal party.



followed by a wonderful setting for the reception at

Auckland’s Riverhead Boat House.


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in 2016 we interrupted out journey home from Europe

with a few days in Dubai, where…we enjoyed a Dubai Creek Dinner Cruise…


a desert safari…

dinner and entertainment.

However, the highlight of our visit…

was admiring the interior of

and a wonderful High Tea experience in

The Sky View Bar…

of the Burj Al Arab.


Wits End Weekly Prompt:  Journey-Home