While in New Zealand we were told about

the hidden valley near Taupo…

by locals and our nearly daughter-in-law. 

This photo is early stages…a step every so often.


And no-one had told us it was a 1.8 kilometre trail

around this geothermal area, often without

a handrail to stop a plunge into hot water.

However soon the were more now than again…

and steps which went down had an equal number

of counterparts going up.



At this stage, my prayers had been answered

and it was nearing the end.

As bad as my knees and foot felt at this stage,

I felt really pleased when I was told it was

a 1.8 kilometre walk which included 666 steps. 

I had survived and even the devils number

did not stop me…may have slowed me but….  🙂 



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