This Saturday morning (Dec 08, 2018)

I noticed that WoollyMuses blog

has received over 101,000 WordPress hits

since its inception in April 2013.

The 100,000 mark surpassed, unnoticed, 

nearly two weeks ago. 

Better late than never 🙂






I posted this photo a few weeks ago. 

This photo was considered cute.

About three years later with Number 2 Son at the wheel

and Number 2 Son,  on the back, barely hanging on

with one little hand and waving at me with the other

as they bounced around a nearby paddock.   

They are still grumbling because I stopped them that day. 

And all I could see was a little boy who was going close

to being thrown off the back of the truck

and a driver who did not know he was

endangering his brother’s life.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Driver



Not sure if I have the nailed the challenge this week.

Has been one of those weeks and hot. 

Thursday and Friday…40 plus degrees.

Geelong’s Eastern Beach prior to dawn.

Some of the lighting on our dinner cruise on Dubai Creek.

Initially thought these were ornaments

in a Ketchikan coffee shop.

Auckland Airport was dressed in

Chinese lanterns when we visited in February.

Probably about the time of Chinese New Year celebrations.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Lit-From-Within






For Pub Wall lovers my apologies, 

but I just had to digress again this week.

Last week I popped into a Geelong store

and grabbed a couple of summer shirts.

Today I checked the online store for any more.

I found some shirts with interesting prices/pricing.

which can also be paid for by monthly installments.

Nothing like a sale to save money!


Friday Follies-7

Challenge hosted by Proscenium





In 79 AD on August 24 & 25, although

new evidence suggests the date may have been October 24,

the eruption of Mount Vesuvius

buried the city of Pompeii.


It was a fascinating, although wet, 2016 visit.

Maybe because I wanted to be an archeologist

in my very younger days.


Word of the Day Challenge: Eruption