Tuesday-PC-Wk136_ Contact



When a car makes contact…

concrete curbing….there are no prizes

for guessing which comes off second best.



A blast from the past…

To think  this was the modern way to make

a phone call not that many years ago.

Sighted in Coldfoot, Alaska.



Then again finding one of these is like finding hen’s teeth.

A whole generation would not know  how to use them

or that it was superman’s changing room. 🙂

There was always a Saturday night lineup of shearers and

 other workers waiting to contact their families

after a hard week in the shed.




Hard to imagine…

that these cubs, and...

dear departed Soxie were all members of the cat family.

One photo is playful while, by  comparison,

the other is ready to rip your eyes out.

And the younger he was the worse he was.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Comparison