My best ever four legged friend…Brandy pup, circa Christmas 1988 / January 1989. 

He wasn’t much older before he began to work sheep for me. 

He worked so well that I called him

my Six Million Dollar Dog…after the television show.

Then he took command of the ute and

would sit and wait for hours.


Teaching the new chum how to behave on a  truck!

I think this is Zoe…not brandy’s pup.

He only ever sired one litter and died

about two weeks after they were born.

From that litter I kept Ginger who died,

as suddenly as Brandy did, in 2015

Both Brandy and Ginger would ‘sing’ (howl) on cue,

although Ginger was harder to start and keep going.

She was a little princess.

Father and daughter were around for 26 years combined….

so definitely four-legged friends.


Wits End Weekly Prompt:  Four-Legged-Friends


2 thoughts on “Wits-End-Weekly-Prompt-Four-Legged-Friends

  1. I have always loved that pic of the pup in the bucket. Now I know the story behind it, it’s even more precious. What a beautiful life you have had to have not one, but several angels with fur enhance your life! ❤


    • He was a gorgeous, faithful dog, but he only worked for me. One day MGW phoned to tell me the rams were in the backyard enjoying a nice green nibble. I suggested she let Brandy off and he would round them up. Easy! Not quite! Brandy stood and watched MGW running around trying to hunt the rams back through the gate. I heard all about it when I arrived home and MGW still hasn’t forgiven him…even though he died in 2001.


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