My own Remembrance Day post

along with some Canadian Memories for you Patrick.

Although I must confess they are

memorialising a New Foundland Regiment.

and not a BC regiment.

As we walked the trenches my thoughts were that there

was not enough cover and I would be wanting to

dig down another foot or so if someone was shooting at me.

If anyone recognises this young lady

and she would like a full copy of the photo I will oblige.

I don’t like posting photos

if have not asked the subject.


Remembrance Day 2018

Before visiting the Western Front Battlefields in June 2017,

I had heard that Flanders poppies grew like weeds

on the Somme battlefields. 

While this photo was taken in a cemetery,

the second image was a typical farm sight.

The photo below however, was not 

And was an unexpected sight… 

On this day,

the eleventh day

of the eleventh month

at the eleventh hour

World War I ended

in 1918. 

Today is Remembrance Day


“We will remember them.”



November 2018 WitsEnd Inspirations: Unexpected

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