There were some moments of angst

in our household yesterday (Sunday) afternoon…

after Candi was discovered barking at this dead baby snake.

Not sure why it is dead.

There are claw or teeth marks along its body

or perhaps I may have run over it with the lawn mover

on Thursday/Friday.

Local FaceBook group has described it as a Baby;

Brown, Eastern Brown or perhaps a Copperhead snake.

Doesn’t really matter as all are deadly

even at this size…about 20 cm.


Word of the Day Challenge: Angst

2 thoughts on “Word-of-Day-Challenge-Angst

    • Apparently like many baby species they have no control over how much venom they pump into their victim. However, if you were its second bit you might be lucky…….. 🙂 though I am neither going to be the first of second if I can help i.


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