I have this photo filed in a folder titled DUD BnB.

No 2 Son had booked a nice looking 5 bedroom house

for us to spend four nights until returning to Australia.

Our first obstacle was a 40-50 foot drop in the driveway,

which we overcame.

However, I was surprised when suggested I

keep my footwear on my feet…

I followed him upstairs only to find

all sorts of stains on the carpets.  

More surprises were in the kitchen cupboards and fridge

in the form of rotting food.  

While No. 2 Son was conversing with the owner,

Daughter-in-Law was busy organising an alternative Air BnB for us.

 Fortunately Air BnB refunded our money.  

I can only think they were as surprised and disappointed

as we were when they viewed this and other photos  


9 thoughts on “Tuesday-PC-Wk131_Surprise

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    • That’s sad to hear. I must stress that this was the thorn among the roses. We stayed, on this trip, at two Airbnb’s, two motels and a boutique hotel and all were fantastic. In February we had to go over to Auckland for an engagement party and decided to give Airbnb a try. We were so pleased with it that we rebooked it for our Auckland pre-wedding accomodation. About mid September, much to our disappointment, we received notification that the place was sold and given a full refund. Had that not occurred, I would have written a glowing story on New Zealand BnBs. I will put that in the hat band….stories of good accomodation.

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    • To put it mildly…. it was disgusting the condition of the carpets, shower not clean, old tooth brush, rotting food, and yet looked so nice online. Oh! Well! We didn’t spend any longer than we had to at that place and we did stay at several top line Air BnBs. As mentioned this was the dud.

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      • Agreed. We had the same experience with the BNBs we have rented also. And No 2 Son and Daughter-in-law did their NZ road on a tighter budget than we did and had no complaints either. I was just pleased that Airbnb did not quibble over a refund coz’ there was no way were going to stay there. It was a new listing back in the year so both Airbnb and the host may not have been up to speed with each other’s idea of clean.

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