Floral Friday18-Butchart-Gardens-1910


Floral Friday Challenge.


Butchart Gardens…11

This week back at Butchart Gardens.

Not sure if these a Redwoods or some other variety

Google says there are Redwoods in the Gardens.

Azaleas or rhododendrons?




all from

Vancouver Island,

British Columbia,



Floral Friday

Floral Friday





3 thoughts on “Floral Friday18-Butchart-Gardens-1910

    • Thank you. We loved the Butchart Gardens and would not have seen as much as we did if we had not arrived a few days early. We deliberately stayed away from the gardens as they were part of our toru. Little did we know that we only had 90 minutes to look around before the buss left. We were so please that we had spent some time using Victorian Public Transport (a marvellous group of drivers on buses etc) as were just out of the Sunken Garden when our Tour bus left for town. Several hours later we hoped on public transport visited the nearby Butterfly Gardens and the caught VPT back into Victoria.

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