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Since late August my computer has not acknowledged my avatar

and will not ‘like’ posts….

unless I use other browsers or a device

other than my desktop PC.

Which is a problem as my PC is my ‘goto’ device for blogging

and where I store and edit my photos.

While in New Zealand recently,

I left my PC with a computer doctor

who failed to analyse the problem.

Unfortunately I can drive a computer but not fix one.

If anyone has any ideas about why this occurs

please let me know.

 Update: Wednesday October 24, 2018.

 As has been mentioned by other bloggers

my iPad Safari browser is not registering ‘likes’.


27 thoughts on “Bloggers and Challenge Hosts

  1. I have a problems with “likes” sometimes after I have been going though a lot of posts to catch up. After I hit about one days worth of posts, the “likes” stop working in Reader. If I want to like something after that, I have to navigate all the way to the original post, then it seems to work. If I leave WP for several hours, the “likes” start working again. I don’t know why. This is on my PC.


  2. I occasionally have problems when iOS falls between an OS upgrade and the WP upgrade and neither has caught up. With the release of Mojave a few weeks back I suspect iOS is playing catch up. Anyway, that might not be your prob, but it was mine.


  3. When I’ve had WP problems, I’ve gone to their help line and had an on-line chat with a WP consultant, and in most cases they have been prompt and extremely helpful and have solved my problem. The WP help sign “?” should be at the bottom right on your WP page….


  4. Problem here too. Can’t even access my blog on my PC. Type in user name, but I can’t bring up the password screen. Still working though on my laptop. Like you, I prefer my PC which is where I store my photos. Jumping between the two is a pain in the behind. WP told me it was my problem. Yeah right.


  5. I’m having the same problem with Safari. I added Google Chrome and it allows me to ‘like’ blogs and leave comments. For some reason some blogs like yours allows me to comment and like with Safari.


    • THat’s totally weird. Here I was thinking I must have done something inadvertently but it appears I am not on my own. Just so I am clear…you can ‘like’ and comment’ on my blog with Safari, but not Chrome??? Have you ever tried Internet Explorer, Edge or Firefox?

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      • No I can comment and like on your site with both but many of the blogs that I follow now will only let me like and comment with Chrome. I prefer Safari but now I have to switch over to Chrome when I want to leave a comment on most blogs.


      • I’m in the same bot for likes. It’s simply my gravatar cannot be seen in Chrome but is visible in all other browsers. Also the Floral Friday challenge…no longer can I see the trash bin alongside my link, which makes it diiffcult to correct an incorrect link, which I have to do often.

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      • THank you. Although with the system hey seem to have it is never the same person who reads your emails so they can follow the problem.
        >’Sarah’ sent this reply:
        >It sounds like when you’re viewing sites that aren’t your own on your iPad Pro using Safari you can’t like them, but when >you look at your own posts you are able to like them. Is that right?

        Who likes their own post….maybe some people do. If the same WP ‘happiness engineer’ had continued reading my email They would have note my first and major comments related to CHrome. Information about Safari was extra. Apparently to much to take in.

        Check out this link. MY first contact with WP and I was told they had not heard of this problem

        The same question asked
        4 years, 9 months ago


  6. It’s doing the same thing to me, with regard to “likes” at least, on my phone and only on certain blogs. I have no clue. I’m emailing back and forth with WP support, but not resolved as yet. I just upgraded to the business plan. I’m asking for a refund if it can’t be fixed.


    • This should have been done while in for an upgrade while we were in New Zealand. Chrome was uninstalled and a new version installed. I have cleared the last four weeks of cache just prior to reading you message.

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      • I know what you mean. I often told students that I knew how to drive computers but not how to fix them. And since retirement kicked in, I have had even less reason to know how they work….as log as the do. It must only be a click of the mouse to enable or disable this function. It’s just a matter of knowing where to click.

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