Love this theme…

Followers may have seen this shot on previous occasions.

Dear departed Maggie was clearing our backyard.

Earlier this year I noticed some action….

Hawk versus Mudlark is really no contest.

However it was great that I was able to capture

this shot before the hawk departed with its prize.




A northern hemisphere rainbow.

Flying back from Wiseman, Alaska.

At ground level it was a bright sunny day.

After a drive to Point Lonsdale Lighthouse

for some sunset shots.

I had packed up my gear and commenced walking

along the pier when this rainbow appeared.

It lasted no more than two minutes.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Right-Place-Right-Time




Black and White Challenge.


Workers of various sorts.

Building a house.


Volunteers at a fundraising barbeque.



I always thought the spotters job

could be the most exhilarating

and at the same time scariest

job on a game safari drive.


Cees-BW-Photo-Challenge: People at Work