This week’s water photos are two of my favourites.

A Point Lonsdale Lighthouse sunset

in July 2017 provided this image. 

I like it simply because it was

my first achieving silky smooth water.


My favourite body of water

Geelong’s Corio Bay

Friday September 14, 2018,

a few minutes after sunrise.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Water


16 thoughts on “A-Photo-a-Week-Challenge-Water

    • At the risk of sounding arrogant (or something similar) I agree with your comment Yvette. That first one is a whole package shot. However, it is my first with the silky water look. There was a bit more aquatic action than that shot shows.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Definitely. Trouble is not many others agree. In fact, my guess is that this shot would score around 10/15 in a camera club competition. Ten is a low score. Not many under 10….you sort of get 8 or 9 for entering 🙂


      • It’s human nature. Still that’s okay, because I shoot for myself not others. LIke reading for pleasure…only different! Lunch time here and I hear MGW boiling the kettle. She is not well today and having a day off work. Been not so good all weekend.

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      • well I am sedning good thoughts your way – for both of you – and hope the tea is great –
        it is bed time here and almost done for night,

        side note – did you know I am a grandmother? My step-daughter had a little girl on 9-3
        so we will be going to see her this coming week —
        and hope you have a nice rest of the month of September –



      • Thank you for your good thoughts…..and no I did not know about your granddaughter. Congratulations. I think we will have a wait before entering that stage of life. And i think if I were a bookmaker I would be setting short odds for our eldest, and wife to be to be the first…both are 29. Number 2 son decided to resign from his job and return to University studies. In late October he is off to Indonesia where a two week stint (of work or study) will be worth a semester unit of study. It will also help him finish his course by late 2019.

        Liked by 1 person

      • well it will happen in the right time.
        and I am actually proud of my stepdaughter for patience.
        She wanted a baby when they first were married – in 2013 ! and they waited –
        then had a miscarriage last year and now – a healthy girl.

        anyhow – enjoyed our comment sharing this week


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