Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Red


Commencing with the hardest to see red…

That little patch of red on the Red Rump Parrot. 

Although this weaver appears orange,

or close to it, it is known as

the Red Weaver. 

Sighted in Botswana. 

Spread throughout Africa?


I wonder what’s behind the red doors?


A red channel marker in Corio Bay. 

The darter is enjoying the morning sun.

Finally, part of last year’s cherry harvest.




This is a very typical scene in the backyard

Candi annoying/teasing Taji

in an effort to get Taji to react/play/chase. One day Taji will react and Candi

will tease no more. 

She  will be put in her place. 

Every Labrador we have owned

has gone through the same thing…..

for a while.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Tease







14-September-(Salmon) Pink

Salmon Pink.

According to my tags this shot comes from

our visit to the The Colosseum.

The first shot is a crop of this one.

Which is the second of two images,

the first of which has the statue in focus

and the girl near the post.

She apparently caught my camera’s eye

because her top was in focus but not much else!