When I saw the challenge was strength… 

I immediately thought of elephants.

These gentle giants know they have the strength

to damage a vehicle but it is

only now and again they do so.   

And then it is probably a young male or rogue,

both of which have not been

disciplined by their family

On our first visit to Africa we were told

that if an elephant is in a bad mood

it will possibly rip you rear view mirror

from your car, then

hand it back through the window. 

Up until now I have only met happy elephants.  


Wits End Weekly Photo Challenge: Strength

One Word Photo Challenge-Selfie


Although not a true selfie…

it is the best I can do.

I’m  not a selfie person and prefer

to be behind the camera.

Details about where this was taken can be found

here at yesterday’s Word of the Day Challenge.


One Word Photo Challenge: Selfie