In June 2017, I visited France for a short tour of

the Western Front Battlefields

where my Grandfather served

during The Great War.

One of the Battles which has made headlines

in Australia over recent years is

the Battle of Fromelles in July 1916. 

After that battle 250 Australian soldiers were buried

in mass graves just this side

of the Pheasant Wood treeline.  



In 2009 these graves were discovered and

remains exhumed and re-buried in

the new Fromelles Military Cemetery.


However, it was not until 2016 that one of

the soldiers was identified as

being MGW’s (Maternal) Grandmother’s relatives.

According to this 2016 article there are

still 100 australian soldiers who remain

unidentified at Fromelles.

Although not related to this soldier it was an

honour and a privilege to be able to visit his grave

and bring back some images for his family. 

Every man, woman and child involved in

those years of two Wars is a hero in my opinion.


Word of the Day Challenge: Hero




Even though Dutch is hiatus this week

I thought I would post a few from

the other side of the house…the front yard.

And I have the nerve to wonder where

our eldest gets his routine genes from 😀

March 7, 2017.

Looks like the world is on fire..

And these are some past sunrises

and if not taken from the front verandah,

then certainly very close to it.


March 29, 2017.

With my Nikon D90

Also March 29, 2017.

With my Nikon D7100


January 29, 2018

February 15, 2017.




Several was to look at Game.I have often heard it said about someone doing

something a bit dangerous that he/she ‘

had to be game to do it. 

Fishing on top of Victoria Falls fits in my opinion.


Then there  is the game of cricket and

all other structured sporting games.

And I think all the huskies we met

on our recent travels to Canada and Alaska

thought it no more than a game

to pull a sled or in this case a quad bike.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Game