Fences.  Yay!!!I thought about the typical farm fence,

aging post and wires.


Then discovered this shot where it appears

a largish piece of machinery was let into

the paddock via ‘dropping/cutting’ the fence.

Maybe because farming is a dying profession in Australia…

led me to cemetery fences.


These next few may stretch ‘fence’ a bit, however here goes.

Clifton Springs Jetty, much photographed,

but only the posts which kept

the old jetty in place are in tact.



Last Friday morning, the sun was up,

time for breakfast and I noticed this ship

turn into to the Corio Bay channel

as it left Geelong.

The channel markers effectively fencing it in,

guiding it out of Corio and Port Phillip Bays

to Bass Strait and open water.

Ever driven along roads like this?

I love it when the trees fence in the road.

Although on these roads one needs to be alert

for wildlife suddenly appearing.

Earlier in the year I displayed some photos

at an Arts Trail Weekend.

Each exhibitor’s space was fenced off by these dividers.

A fence? Maybe.

Very recently I discovered this gorgeous old strainer post

which appears to have been part of a whole tree trunk

It supports this wire-netting fence with ease as

there is not as much strain on fences

as they age and wires sag.


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25 thoughts on “Lens-Artist-Photo-Fences

  1. Interesting and well spotted fences. You certainly have an eye for this! My favorites are the first two in B&W and the last but one. Love that supportive old tree trunk.


  2. The Woolley flair for the fences theme – so nice.
    The originality was outstanding with the fenced in ship – but my favs are the opening farm fences –
    History and mood


      • I was at a camera club meeting a few years ago…competition night and judge in tow. One of the photos was very similar to my first with an added hawk perched upon. Titled ‘The Last Post’ I was admiring it and can still picture the wire knots, of which iI have tied many. Digressing, for some reason we always fenced in colder months, and if you have ever tried to tie wire with cold hands and had it flick back and hit a half frozen digit…Ouch! is the least one says. Back on track…then it was The Last Post’s turn to have judges comments. There was not a kind word for the hawk, photo or post. I left that night thinking I knew very little about what made a good photo…and have never been back to night meetings. Having several comments made which definitely were not confidence boosters didn’t help. Again this year, as group (morning coffee and chat) we had to eliminate some photos for a ‘big’ competition. Imagine my surprise when i was told ‘that photo can’t be rejected, it’s mine‘. I wasn’t the only person wanting to toss it out, by the way. So I’m glad you appreciated the history behind those photos. Rant over 😀 😀 😀

        Liked by 2 people

      • Enjoyed the rant and I have had plenty of hands-on experience with wire! First – as an art teacher we have done wire art and it is tough to finish off pieces – then – some DIY projects over the decades – like I recall working with a clothes hanger and it cut up my fingers – it is a tough item -! And I cannot imagine the frigid snap back!
        so interesting about the meetup and lack of comments – and then the “can’t eliminate it cos it’s mine” – very irritating –
        And side note on viewing photos and art – I have learned there is always the added element of what else is being looked at during a time. For example – once had a student (JB) win first place at a juried art show (mariners museum in VA) and weeks after he won I went through the whole show to see what one I would pick – and I picked his/ but not necessarily for the work- because it was actually his it fit in the show and it was so diverse the way it was unique so it was a freshness – after looking at 170 pieces – it was his foil engraving that was fresh! And I also heard that judges of sports performances will score someone higher if the person follows a flop. Does that make sense?
        So there is so much psychology in how others view our work!
        I also know someone who submitted an art piece to be hung and it was rejected 4x – then accepted at a show and sold!


      • Apparently human nature is the same world wide…and throughout the years. Nearly 50 years ago, I entered a fleece of Wool in an agricultural fleece show. It received 6/6 for tensile strength, but was still beaten in to second place. One generally would say that’s not bad. However, picture two cotton balls. One dry and fluffy, the other just pulled out of a glass of water. Yep! Soggy, greasy won the day. I remember Dad saying the judge and exhibitor knew each other. Tensile strength. Two weeks later I entered my fleece in another show. Tensile score…3/6. My inaugural year entering fleece shows was also my last.

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      • Oh wow – that story really resonated with me – and shows you this is universal – and sorry about that – not fair – but guess it is what it is.
        And my brother has been brewing beer for more Than a decade now and in his second year (maybe sooner) he started entering beer competitions – well the couple times he entered down here in Richmond Virginia – where I am from – no placing at all – and one of the ones he submitted has won in every place he entered it – just his speciality – anyhow – he has literally a wall of awards and keeps things light – have to – right? But my point is that I always sensed a certain snobbiness with the group here as opposed to the many other places he participates with- and when I first moved here in ’03 I heard sn English lady griping that this business society here was the hardest to break into – she was actually leaving (with an ugh feeling) I did not “get” what she meant until I lived here a while – and yes I like the town – but there is a certain inhospitable vibe here and there – and I have never sensed that in the five other big cities I have lived in –


      • I wish your brother all the best and won’t continue this discussion any further in case someone who really knows me is observing. However, he consumption of alcohol and being ‘in’ I have often felt go hand in hand. And I’m afraid that I have never contributed to the profit margins of Coors, Budweiser or Millers used your brands rather than ours and have you scratching you head.

        Liked by 1 person

      • oh you are so right about it being “in”
        and also – my big pet peeve – with a counseling background – is when beer is used for coping….
        no bueno


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