Fences.  Yay!!!I thought about the typical farm fence,

aging post and wires.


Then discovered this shot where it appears

a largish piece of machinery was let into

the paddock via ‘dropping/cutting’ the fence.

Maybe because farming is a dying profession in Australia…

led me to cemetery fences.


These next few may stretch ‘fence’ a bit, however here goes.

Clifton Springs Jetty, much photographed,

but only the posts which kept

the old jetty in place are in tact.



Last Friday morning, the sun was up,

time for breakfast and I noticed this ship

turn into to the Corio Bay channel

as it left Geelong.

The channel markers effectively fencing it in,

guiding it out of Corio and Port Phillip Bays

to Bass Strait and open water.

Ever driven along roads like this?

I love it when the trees fence in the road.

Although on these roads one needs to be alert

for wildlife suddenly appearing.

Earlier in the year I displayed some photos

at an Arts Trail Weekend.

Each exhibitor’s space was fenced off by these dividers.

A fence? Maybe.

Very recently I discovered this gorgeous old strainer post

which appears to have been part of a whole tree trunk

It supports this wire-netting fence with ease as

there is not as much strain on fences

as they age and wires sag.


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Fire has many valuable uses…such as cooking our meals.

  However, if a campfire gets out of hand…

and grows…

that is when the red trucks roll.

In Dubai fire is used for entertainment.

A few years ago, in and around Geelong,

fire destroyed several churches.

At the time rumours suggested

it may nor have been an accident.

Even though there were no really bad fires nearby,

this was the scene in Western Victoria also a few back.

 California or USA’s Pacific Coast states would

probably have seen similar, or worse,

during the past few months.

Sadly, I believe many of these fires would be

significantly reduced if authorities would allow

fallen timber to be removed from forest areas.

173 Victorians perished in fires a few years back

which were deliberately started and

burned through heavily forested areas where

there had been no fuel reduction.


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During one of this weekend’s news/current affairs

shows, I heard that Notre Dame de Paris

Had lost much of its stability,

particularly to the right of this photo.

 Apparently the walls are only being held in place…

By these ageing ‘stays’ for lack of a better word.

Gargoyles were said to be falling and stone fences

around the roof have wooden replacements.

It was said that hundreds of millions of dollars

were needed to give the Cathedral a

thorough make over to take

the instability out of the building.


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