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Floral Friday Challenge.


Butchart Gardens…8

Butchart Gardens…

Victoria, Vancouver Island…

British Columbia…



Everything from a small waterfall…

to ‘grazing animals’.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday








Seeing as there is no official challenge this week,

I thought I would add to last week’s offering.

Last week I posted this photo and commentary….

Amid that crowd is a Beefeater at work

guiding tourists around the Tower of London.

and did not realise…


I had a better/close up photo of the man at work.

This from my 2017 trip to Arras, France.

Phil, an Aussie, operates Sacred Ground Tours

out of Arras across World War I Battlefields.  

Serre Road Cemetery No. 2 was

the first cemetery we visited. 

Phil is showing us how easy it is to find

a grave of a relative who perished in France.   

Easy if you know which cemetery to visit. 

If your relative is one of the tens of thousands

with no known grave, or an unknown soldier’s grave….

then that is a different story.






For many years I would have said that…

live lambs on the ground this time of year

was the fruit of my labours. 

It took countless hours of animal husbandry,

each year to survive winter and have

healthy ewes and lambs as spring approaches.

Nearly thirty years ago my attention turned to education. 

A university education for myself and then assisting to

prepare these students for the real world

with an all day trip to Melbourne

via a three-hour train trip (each way)

as part of the Year 8 Geography curriculum.

This group would be around thirty years of age now.


Now the fruits of my labour are photos such as

this mornings sunrise at Geelong’s Corio Bay.

Don’t know how things are north 

of the equator, but in Victoria

the sun beat me this morning. 

Only the cloud bank helped in any sort of shot.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Fruits-of-Labor