Book Review-Red-Tide


Red Tide 

(Billy Knight Thrillers #2)


Jeff Lindsay

Read: September 2018

My second consecutive Billy Knight ‘thriller’ by Jeff Lindsay, and I must confess that it was a thrill to read/listen to the last pages of this, again, boring ‘thriller’. If anything it was less interesting than Billy Knight #1.

I would suggest googling the definition of thriller before Billy Knight #3 or any other so-called ‘thriller’ is published. Better still read some of Jennifer Hillier’s books, or even Dawn Girl by Leslie Wolfe. I enjoyed Dawn Girl so much that I have several more of Wolfe’s novels to read.

Finally as an Australian reader (and reviewer) may I suggest that taking a swipe at Australia and anything Australian (or any other nationality, for that matter) is not the way to win friends and influence people: especially when it happens in each of Billy Knight’s books.

“Your name’s Billy, not Silly” said Aussie character Nicky who always seemed to have a few Kangaroos loose in the top paddock. Lindsay then proceeded with a lengthy description of Australian rhyming slang. Lindsay concludes this must be because we name our towns/places with names such as Kalgoorlie (Western Australia), Woolloomooloo and Wollongong (New South Wales). Sure there are many place names which are taken directly or are derivatives of Native Australian local languages/dialects. In both Billy Knight 1 & 2, Lindsay is happy to take the mickey out of Nicky.

I would suggest he have a bopeep in his own backyard before taking the micky out of anyone again. At least get the research right. Click, or copy and paste this link…

to find a list of Native American Place names which have direct links to, or origins from either Native American, Mexican, Polynesian or Athabaskan languages.

Struth! If this bloke had got off his Khyber Pass and bothered to take a Captain Cook on the world wide web, or even get on the old Dog an’ Bone and asked someone who might know, he would have quickly learned, maybe, that Aussie rhymin’ slang and our unusual place names have little in common. Why? Coz one is local, the other originates in the Mother Country with a few Down Under twists. With better research this could a bin a ripsnorter of a read. Instead it’s a Barry Crocker! 

Only ONE star from this reader and no more Billy Knight thrillers for me.


At the time of completing this review,

on September, 2018

Goodreads readers have rated

Red Tide

an average of 

3.53 stars

from 147 ratings and 34 reviews 

Tropical Depressions rates:

3.64 stars, 175 ratings, 29 reviews

 A read.

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Red Tide

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