Workers from all over…

A gondolier.

My limited knowledge of lumberjacks’ work

tells me that they actually did climb trees

as part of every day work.

Memory could be way off though.

Happy to be corrected.

Beefeater Guide Tour

Amid that crowd is a Beefeater at work

guiding visitors around

the Tower of London.


While in Europe each guide carried a flag of some kind. 

Trouble was there was so much to see

and dawdle over, the coloured flag

was often forgotten (by me). 

All guides were very knowledgeable but

sometimes it was just nice to walk and look

without the constant commentary.

Our favourite African guide,

planning the next day. 

Or was he offering up thanks for

a successful day just ended?



2 thoughts on “SUNDAY-STILLS-PC-Work

  1. Thanks for linking up! So many folks work as guides for travel and leisure, that without them, tourists would be lost! It’s during the weekends, holidays and vacations that tourists and folks off work for the day need these folks to work or these types of services would cease to exist!


    • I don’t doubt anything you have mentioned. However, we did get information overload which was only remembered until the next sentence was uttered. In comparison, the girl who was our horse and carriage driver in Victoria BC, asked, ‘Do you want the full commentary, the highlights or nothing at all/no commentary?” We chose ‘highlights’ and had a great time as we had time to ask questions, chat and enjoy the ride. I know guides have set times to get a group around an attraction. Unfortunately this does not leave much time for photography. In Assisi, I twisted ankle, fell and could not see one person from my group. Even though we had audio to hear the guide, I was not on my own when I stopped listening….which was counterproductive. However, some of us just wanted to enjoy the moment. Sorry if you are a guide.

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