Workers from all over…

A gondolier.

My limited knowledge of lumberjacks’ work

tells me that they actually did climb trees

as part of every day work.

Memory could be way off though.

Happy to be corrected.

Beefeater Guide Tour

Amid that crowd is a Beefeater at work

guiding visitors around

the Tower of London.


While in Europe each guide carried a flag of some kind. 

Trouble was there was so much to see

and dawdle over, the coloured flag

was often forgotten (by me). 

All guides were very knowledgeable but

sometimes it was just nice to walk and look

without the constant commentary.

Our favourite African guide,

planning the next day. 

Or was he offering up thanks for

a successful day just ended?






Some colour and BW shots from our backyard.

During summer months we often are visited

by various members of the parrot family

seeking a feed of grass bulbs.

Just had to include this shot after heavy rainfall.


We have often enjoyed this scene during the past few months.

However, Taji’s kennel now needs some repairs

as the visible wall is being damaged

during these togetherness sessions.

A few months ago our backyard became a killing field

when one Sunday morning a mud lark

annoyed a hawk just too much.