Looking at my first image…

you would are likely to think,

just a young bloke out fishing.


Then we see some white water and… 

the probability of him coming

to grief rise significantly…

at Zimbabwe’s

Victoria Falls.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Probability

12 thoughts on “FOWChallenge-Probability

  1. Some time ago, I saw a film on TV (probably in the *Nature* series) that showed an intrepid fisherman near the lip of Victoria Falls.  Scary.  The stills here convey that scariness beautifully.

    Care to share why U went with grayscale rather than color after the first image?  This does not look like kind of image where I would prefer grayscale.


    • I hadn’t realised I had, to be honest. Why? I could say they looked better in BW (which I think the images do), however, the real reason is probably because I was a bit lazy. The BW appear to be re-posts…they may all be re-posts. The challenge is posted shortly after 5 PM our time and I often find myself looking for pre-prepared images (logo, edited etc) to complete posts prior to our evening meal. I could post a colour version if you wish. 🙂 Now I have just discovered that the was coloured copies pre-posted as well.


      Colour Version

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      • Thanks for the info.  I almost always prefer color over grayscale, and I can’t help wondering how the wonderfully vertiginous final view (which is not in the earlier posts) looked in color.  The story telling definitely succeeds, despite the puzzling shift away from color.  It’s a fine sequence anyway.

        Glad the current state of image #3 is cropped more tightly than before.  In the earlier posts, the dark dry rock on the left and the tourist on the right were distractions.  They would still be distractions in grayscale, even w/o the bright orange.


      • The debate over colour/BW will rage on forever, I think. The rock, to which you refer, divides the portion of the Falls known as Devil’s Canyon/Gorge which is a particularly rough/violent torrent of water.

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