I turned to nature for most of

my delicate photos this week.All photos from Butchart Gardens,

Vancouver Island.

I’m fairly certain it would take a delicate touch

to rake this gravel so  neatly

A few years ago MGW decided we needed

a Japanese Garden style garden bed…

complete with raked gravel such as above.

With as light as touch as I could muster I raked our gravel.

Re-raking several times when necessary.

As we stood back to admire our handy work

Maggie (our ageing Labrador) decided to join us.

I believe all dogs should be named ‘Electricity’ .


Because they take the shortest route between two points.

 Maggie was no different.

Directly from the concrete verandah across

our freshly raked Japanese Garden bed, to our side.

We have a near new rake for sale if anyone wants one!!


A Photo a Week Challenge: Delicate


6 thoughts on “A-Photo-a-Week-Challenge-Delicate

  1. I love my desktop Japanese zen garden, but a full-sized one would be so maintenance-heavy, I couldn’t imagine being able to constantly take care of it. Lovely photos! Thanks for joining the challenge!


    • I’m afraid our Japanese garden has turned into a low maintenance garden…would drive us insane with two young dogs tearing around at full speed. Two broken pots, a statue and countless holes and plants. Every time we think their behaviour is improving they find something different for us to work on.

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  2. I like your Japanese garden and the story of your dog walking through it. Like you I have decided to feature irises for this challenge. They are so delicate and intricate.


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