Italy provides me with my contribution this week.

Mt Vesuvius eruption of A.D 79 trapping

most of Pompeii residents.

They may have been at this theatre

enjoying some entertainment, or…


purchasing refreshments from

a nearby takeaway outlet.

Many urns and every day items are on public display.

However, not many of the well-known (photographed) poses

of citizens in their last moments of life were on display.

Even the brothel we were shown contained an empty bed.


SUNDAY STILLS PHOTOS: Objects-Over-100-Years-Old

2 thoughts on “SUNDAY-STILLS-PC-Objects-Over-100-Years-Old

    • It was amazing and we only saw a small part of the city. I was a little disappointed that the images I gave seen in books, online etc were not on display. I feel we were short changed due to inclement weather as Googling Pompeii images reveals many more text book images which we did not see. It is such a fascinating site.

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