My take on the abiding challenge is along

the lines of law-abiding, or obeying directives.

Over the past few months Taji has become

rather puppy like in her behaviour. 

Barking at every-one, jumping up and down on her chain.

Yes…I do realise she knows

she is being let off (the chain) and is happy.

While there is a chain keeping her attached to

her kennel in this photo, over recent weeks

I have been making her wait until I am

back at the house before releasing her from

 (sans chain) this pose.

However, while she abides, under duress,

it is like training a gold-fish. 

Every day (or minute) is new,

and we begin at the very beginning!!!!  


Word of the Day Challenge: Abiding

4 thoughts on “Word-of-Day-Challenge-Abiding

  1. Your post has given me these thoughts:
    “Abiding” to me connotes staying still, waiting, the action of stationery awareness that comes from being patient enough to listen and learn from whatever it is around you. That stillness is so needed in our lives since we often lose ourselves in the rush to do. The patience shown by Taji in your photo is a reminder of that need to wait and to watch, because then we can truly enjoy what we do. I guess it is more “an obedience to self” that gives us the chance to find true enjoyment.

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    • I just wish she would show that patience all the time, Jim. this loud morning barking she has taken up recently, at walkers going by is rather annoying. On the positive side she does stay on her land, so to speak, which is good aswe don’t have a front fence. But the barking…with her tail wagging at the same speed of barking…..

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