Before we left the farm we had

young Maggie (Labrador)

young Ginger (Kelpie) and

young Minky cat.

The dogs and our other cat soon settled in

to their new smaller surrounds. 

However, Minky, developed a wanderlust which saw him

arrive home one day with at least one broken leg. 

Six plus weeks of recuperation and we tentatively

let him out during the day. 

For a few weeks all was good. 

Then one evening he never returned. 

We never found him. 

For the past few years our neighbour has had a similar cat.

This is Scooter, peeking  in our in room window.

He was full of personality, bravado and full of wanderlust. 

Recently we heard that he also has disappeared. 


Word of the Day Challenge: Wanderlust

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