All day I have had deadlines to meet.This morning’s alarm was set for 0445 so I could…

be in Geelong for the 0615 departure of

the #portphillipferries trial run of a new

Geelong – Melbourne service.

Melbourne’s skyline was soon visible

and at 35 knots time passed quickly.

By around 0730 sunrise was beginning to

show over the clouds…

The Yarra River provided a slower speed

and glimpses of the sun between buildings.

The West Gate Bridge over the Yarra,

is one  of the major road feeds

in to Melbourne from the west.

I have driven it countless times,

however this was a first.

We arrived at Docklands, behind Etihad Stadium

on our deadline of 0745.

After making my way to

Southern Cross Station in Spencer Street,

I discovered I had a little over thirty minutes

before my return journey by train departed at 0910.

Just enough time for breakfast!


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Deadline

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