We were barely off the ground on our flight from… 

Fairbanks to Coldfoot when we encountered clouds.

Most of our one hour flight we were flying in a cloud shroud.

Certainly not worth paying a premium for a window seat 🙂


Patrick sorry we did not have time to meet.


Pic and Word Challenge: Clouds

7 thoughts on “Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk146_Clouds

  1. And the question I’m dying to ask: were both your feet cold in Coldfoot? Or just one foot?

    It’s usually a bumpy ride in the clouds, which tends to make me ill. On the other hand, it is a relatively rare experience for most of us to have such an up-close-and-personal look at the workings of nature in the sky. I’m endlessly fascinated… at least for a while. =)

    Looking forward to some views from the ground!


    • On the contrary both feet were much warmer than expected in Alaska 😊. The flight through the clouds was okay, it was the flight home, under the clouds, which was bumpier. Both ways it was fascinating.

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      • No northern lights and was sooo pleased to move south and see some darkness. This little fellow does not sleep well when the sun is shining/daylight. Absolutely fascinating how much light there was when it should have been dark….than again in a few months time the reverse will happen I guess. Couldn’t get over how warm it was. Don’t want to think about how cold it may get!! And cannot get over how cold it is back home. Temps barely into teens since we arrived home.


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