Glacier is my word for this post.

One of the definitions found for canicular was

‘…a period of inactivity…’

This Husky puppy, on Mendenhall Glacier,

was quite content to have

a period of inactivity

after a five-minute playtime with tourists.

Margerie Glacier in a calving moment.

The size of the splash can be contextualised

when compared to these vessels.


After a few passes this feathered friend decided…


to hitch a ride while it caught its breath.

Not a very good photo but included as my marine photo

as it was my only otter sighting.


While there were plenty of guests for whom this would

have had a ‘Ho! Hum!‘ factor,

for our group of Aussies this was

a day to be described as scenic.


Thursday’s Special: July Words-Yr3

6 thoughts on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL-July-Words-Yr3

    • Thank you Yvette. Hard to believe that last Saturday we were ‘cooling our heels’ in a Vancouver hotel, for as long as we could, before our 2355 flight home with Air Canada. Between 1200 on Friday and 2355 on Saturday we logged up 15 hours of airport waiting time. So very pleased to be home although had a wonderful time.

      Liked by 1 person

      • oh man -are you still decompressing from all that = whew –
        and sorry about the airport time waiting – that can be extra arduous when you want to get home…


      • A mechanical fault in a plane is best detected on the ground though. It was just Fairbanks International Airport had little to offer to fill time…6 hours. Delta did hold its Seattle – Vancouver flight so we and 18 others could catch it though. And with a nearly mid-night flight there is always going to be time waiting between ‘please leave’ the hotel and one’s flight. 🙂 Home safely and wishing we were back in Alaska’s summer……..


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