Mostly Canadian ‘threes’ this week. I always think of the Maple Leaf asking

having three distinct sections.

Apologies to all Canadian followers

who may disagree.

This shot taken just prior to…

 three buglers playing

the Last Post at Menin Gate,

Ypres, Belgium.

Three flags at

Beaumont-Hamel War Memorial

on the Somme-Battlefields.


This day last year I was still on my way to France.

This caribou appears to have three main antlers

I’m not familiar with caribou and

I am really wondering if it is a caribou.

Google does not have any caribou images

which closely resemble this artistic creation.


Pic and Word Challenge: Three

9 thoughts on “Pic-and-Word-Challenge_Wk141_Three

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  2. Yes, a caribou with a big rack may have a 3rd antler.  It is badly drawn on the sign, and not even the smartest digital camera can fix that.  The extra antler grows forward from near where the side antlers grow; it is pretty much left-right symmetrical.

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  3. Hi W, cool post and regarding the caribou, I love how that symbol looks like an anchor too.
    I do not know much about caribou except that there used to be a coffee my spouse enjoyed and it was called Caribou


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