Book Review-The-Immortality-Curse

The Immortality Curse


Greig Beck

(Matt Kearns #3)


Greig Beck always writes an enjoyable novel.  However, The Immortality Curse was better than one or two recent reads in as much as there were no real monsters starring in this book.  True, with a title like The Immortality Curse there just had to be one or two lurking around.

As a result of a few frames on a phone camera which survive incineration at a murder scene, Matt is put into contact with the main victim’s centenarian widow.  He had disappeared some seventy-five years early and he still looked, momentarily, the same age as when he disappeared.  He had been in search of the Fountain of Youth.

Shortly thereafter, as the title implies we find language specialist Matt Kearns, and colleagues, in pursuit of the Fountain of Youth.  Their search takes them to the wilderness of Canada’s north then on to Africa’s Lake Chad, which by powers of deduction and science they decide this was where Noah and his family lived during the Great Flood.  And where, naturally, Noah’s ark is to be found, along with any Fountain of Youth.

Naturally there are the usual twists along the way.  And what relic, either the Ark or the Fountain of Youth, would not have someone or something guarding it all these years.

A thoroughly enjoyable book made all the better by Sean Mangan’s narration.   All fans of Greig Beck and Sean Mangan will enjoy The Immortality Curse.  Published on 28 March 2017 I am surprised that so few Goodreads Readers have rated and reviewed The Immortality Curse.

As of May 06, 2018 very few GoodReads readers have either read, rated or reviewed The Immortality Curse.


I think

The Immortality Curseis a solid


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The Immortality Curse

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