Wordless Wednesday18_May09

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Two in one go.

When I made reference to

the tailor who killed ‘Seven in one Blow’ 

no-one knew to what I was referring.

And That made me feel older still.

This is not a set up, except that I turned

the trap right way up and placed it

on pavers for the photograph.

We have had six months or more

of mice and rats messing up my shed.

However, when they began to invade

the garage as well,

things became really serious.

Fortunately we have not had anything inside,

touch wood, as others have.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday18_May09

    • I have tried peanut butter, cheese and a rodent actor acting paste, all of which work but the rodents are able clean the bait without tripping/triggering the trap. Even if I have set it with less than a millimetre to trip. Seems at times I am fattening them until they weigh enough to trigger the trap. 😊

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      • Those mice are getting smarter all the time. I hope you find a way for them to trip the traps faster and easier. Sorry you are having such trouble with them


      • Thank you. Mice are bad enough, but last August some rats invade my shed and ate all the water pipes in my Utility/truck. Caused major damage that did. Mice are a nuisance though they don’t appear to be as malicious as rats….just yucky! Other people have them inside and a town nearer to Melbourne is apparently over run with them.

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      • Rats do more damage plus here they can carry deadly diseases. Mice are just yucky I agree. I feel sorry for that town that might be over run with mice. Have an awesome Friday !!


      • White-footed mice in the Hudson Valley are also good at removing popular baits w/o tripping the trap.  I ram 2 black oil sunflower seeds from opposite directions into the bait hook.  They get wedged in tight and stay fresh for months, still so attractive to any nearby mouse that the mouse will try to get them and then regret that decision for the (very brief) rest of its life.


      • Good idea. I have tried various ways of trapping them. The trap pictured was and enclosed trap. Rodent goes in eats bait caught and trow dead rodent out without touching it. Lets say rodents are not that silly. Decided to get a similar mouse trap for shed. Mouse goes in triggers trap and even if not caught a little trap door has dropped down to lock them in trap. Must have been dumb mice is all I can say. Every bit of bait is taken and I’m sure they were square dancing in it one night. The trap had been moved but not triggered. Hopefully with e onset of colder weather they will soon get the message and disappear. A neighbour has decided to collect old car wrecks this year which we think would be a great spot for breeding. First year they have been there and our first year without a cat. The latter to be rectified later in the year.

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  1. Well perhaps the folks you were talking to didn’t get “7 in one blow” but I did. Haven’t thought of that story in a long time! Thanks for the refresh! 😀


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