Daily Prompt-Observe


I don’t think

Maggie (our Labrador) and Soxie (the cat),

were ever really friends. 

 We often made observations

about them as in this photo.

Soxie has the best spot on Maggie’s blanket

while Maggie appears a little forlorn

and she is just holding on to a share.





A couple of close ups form the farm this week.

It’s a…


Back in the day I spent quite a few hairy times

standing on these boards.

 Quite often there was a fair breeze

and capturing the wheel,

spinning just above one’s head was the first feat.

Above seven or eight years ago

I found the mill had blown over.

The worst part was getting anyone to fix it.

No-one would/has.

However, many people have helped themselves

to what ever they have been able to steal.

Even this mill has been dragged 20-30 feet away

from where it should be and

all those parts underground removed.

Last year I discovered a 3,000 gallon

water tank had been stolen.

And all because we no longer live there


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Close-Ups