Weekly Photo Challenge-Unlikely



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Beginning with the worst of my photos this week.This Kingfisher hovered relentlessly…

Before splashing down into the

Okavango Delta waters for its lunch.

There are many images of this

white crowned shrike

sitting, flying or landing,

on the Internet.


However, I could not find one with the bird balanced

as precariously as this as it took to flight.


This African Harrier Hawk seemed to be checking

his feet were not attached to its perch…

before launching into flight.

While the above photos were unlikely occurrences

to capture they were the result

of holding down the shutter button in anticipation.

This last photo is much closer to home. 

Our back yard in fact about two weeks ago. 

I have never seen a bird of prey

kill another bird before.




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-External-Ups-Downs


Ups and Downs from everywhere.Victoria Falls joyride.

A Balloon ride over Melbourne.

Not sure if this is the front or back entrance,

but it was captured in old Sydney.

My recent drive up and down

Mount Buninyong

yielded two roads…

one for the journey up,

the other for the journey down.

And in this case what goes up must come down, on Geelong’s Eastern Beach.




Tuesday Photo Challenge



During our weekend trip to

Auckland in late February…

 I visited the Church in which

Number 1 Son will end his bachelor years

in a few months.

 We also had dinner where the

wedding reception is to be held.

Apparently during the reception there

will be a high tide and a large expanse

of water will be on display instead of this view.

 It was a quick trip.

Left home at 0530 Friday.

Dinner in Auckland Friday evening.

Engagement party Saturday evening.

Home to our abode by 1830 Sunday night.

It would need to be a very special event

to get us to make that whirlwind trip again.