Black and White Tuesday18-0501_


Black and White Tuesday

Mt Buninyong



 Last  week I decided to drive up

Mt Buninyong, near Ballarat.  

Mt Buninyong is an extinct volcano.

However, 17.5 km (Google) north of

Mt Buninyong is the inactive

volcanic scoria cone of

Mt Warrenheip.


Although many websites laud

the views from Mt Buninyong,

I’m afraid I did not totally agree.

Many visible landmarks were

partially blocked by eucalyptus trees

such as the above.



Hope you enjoyed.



Daily Prompt-Astonish


I’m not sure who was most astonished

after this sequence of event…

the chasee, the chaser

or the photographer.

Even though it was only a couple of years

before she passed away, Maggie still had

enough life in her to despatch strangers

from our back yard.

Fortunately the fence (post top RH corner)

saved her from the embarrassment of not

being able to catch this one.