Not many Autumnal photos in my collection

and cetainly none taken this year.

However, our Japanese Maples were showing off

their colour at the end of April four years ago.


I am fairly certain these are deciduous trees

in Ballarat, mid May, two years ago.


 Weekly Weather: Autumn

Weekly Weather

Black and White Tuesday18-0529


Black and White Tuesday


Some sepias…

Wire and fog.


 Dead tree on a foggy morning.


Shade trees in fog.

Eastern Beach car park, Geelong.


Eastern Beach car park, before sunrise.



Hope you enjoyed.



Daily Prompt-Ceremony


On August 5, 1914, my Grandfather was part of a gun crew

which fired the first allied shot of what was

to become known as The Great War.

At the time he was stationed at Point Nepean which

is situated on the eastern side of the entrance to Port Phillip Bay.

The cannon on the right was the one used for the task.

The barrel on the left was used to fire the first shot

of World War II.

One hundred years later, August 5, 2014,

on bright sunny day in winter

a ceremony was conducted to commemorate that event.


All the ceremony the military could muster

was included to mark  the occasion.


We had mixed messages about who could lay the wreath,

so as my Grandfather did we took things into our own hands

and I and my two Aunties, Dad’s sisters,

to lay our wreath.

My Auntie, on the right, has since passed.

Just before 1245 a freighter came into view as it did in 1914.


Then at precisely 1245 a ceremonial shot

was fired from Point Nepean,

to mark the centenary of firing of the

First Shot of World War I.





Mostly Canadian ‘threes’ this week. I always think of the Maple Leaf asking

having three distinct sections.

Apologies to all Canadian followers

who may disagree.

This shot taken just prior to…

 three buglers playing

the Last Post at Menin Gate,

Ypres, Belgium.

Three flags at

Beaumont-Hamel War Memorial

on the Somme-Battlefields.


This day last year I was still on my way to France.

This caribou appears to have three main antlers

I’m not familiar with caribou and

I am really wondering if it is a caribou.

Google does not have any caribou images

which closely resemble this artistic creation.


Pic and Word Challenge: Three

Book Review-Cold-Grave


Cold Grave

(Dr. Anya Crichton, #6)


Kathryn Fox


Cold Grave is my fourth of the Doctor Anya Crichton series written by Kathryn Fox.  The title of this book had me thinking it had something to do with cemeteries.  Not so!

A family cruise couldn’t be further away from my thoughts.  Then how can anything happen on a family friendly cruise?

It does!  And on the first day, no less.


Anya, her ex-husband and their son are on a cruise, when hubby is involved in finding the first victim’s body.  That of a pretty young nineteen year old girl.  Anya also decides to help out and puts her forensic skills to good use.


In my mind the possible culprits are soon revealed.  An investigation which follows is bungled and we are left wondering who is responsible for the bungle?  The ex-cop shipboard security chief or someone else?


Cold Grave has all the usual twists and turns expected in a book of this genre.  The story is a bit Perry Mason(ish) with some of the details being ‘off-screen’ and only heard about during the ‘rescue’.

However, it is still a good read, or listen, as the case may be.  I am sure fans of Kathryn Fox and this genre of books will enjoy Cold Grave as I did.

As usual I must mention narrator, Jennifer Vuletic who has done an excellent job of creating life-like characters.

I have rated

Cold Grave

A solid

star read.  

Goodreads readers have rated

Cold Grave

an average of 3.72 from 485 ratings and 75 reviews

Image result for cold grave kathryn fox

Cold Grave

can be purchased on-line at 

Fishpond, Booktopia and Amazon




Teenage siblings…

celebrating a birthday.

MGW’s Father had breast cancer in 2008.

Chemotherapy was taking its toll so

as his oldest grandsons/grandchildren presented him

with a wig for his birthday.

For many years we lived in fear of one killing the other.

  Then a switch was thrown and they became civil

with each other.


Not sure of the occasion now, however,

I think The Blues Brothers may

have been the inspiration.

Finally, apologies for the rough Photoshop work.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Siblings





Black and White Challenge:



Some of my favourite…old flower black and whites.


Daffodil (King Alfred?)

Best daffodil by a country mile.


A-purple-daisy_Col_7287A purple daisy.

Love the drops of water in this image.

Some recent dahlia photos…

looking good…

in Black and White.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Flower