We were leaving Geelong last night (Saturday),

commenting on the fog or smoke in the valley beside us.

   I was sure I could smell smoke.

Suddenly, we sighted what appeared

to be a fire in some trees,

although smoke was lacking and visibility poor.

So a fire it was.

A couple of hundred yards on and

it was not  certainly not a fire

just nature saying good night

in a spectacular manner.

By the time I had found somewhere to park and

MGW had readied my phone.

She had forgotten her iPad on her lap!!!!!!!

This was the best we could capture.

I would never have thought of a sunset photo

last night due to the cloud cover.

However, mother nature confused us again and

put on what would have been a great capture.

With only a little over an hour until sunset tonight

I am  going back to see if she serves seconds . 🙂


Three hours after sunset and three hours

before publishing.

Mother Nature wasn’t too bad again this evening.And this was the sight which confused us last night.

Last night more cloud, less sun definition.

This was capture on my Nikon D90,

Lens: Sigma 50-500mm,

also using my UV Filter and

playing with a new Polarizing filter.

Not sure if filters have upset sharpness or,

as I have been told, the anti-shake feature

should not be used when using a tripod.

Cropped, otherwise Straight Out Of Camera.


A Photo a Week Challenge: State-of-Confusion